Here In This Moment Lyrics- Beckah Shae

Here In This Moment Lyrics
Beckah Shae

So here I am ready to have all of you
So here I am waiting for you and…

Nothing can change the way I feel when I’m with you
You give me a peace that surpasses all understanding
And no one can tell me there’s a better place than with you
You give love everlasting

Oh, here You come
With Your arms open wide (come fill me)
Oh, cause You are the one
Who fulfills all my desires

You are love, You are life
You’re the air that I breathe
You’re my day and my night
You’re my joy, You’re my peace
You’re the wings for my flight
And vision to my sight.
You are truth, You are power
You gave me faith to believe

Brought me straight to my knees
Now I’m standing
Here in this moment, with You
There’s nowhere I’d rather be

There’s only one who can truly satisfy me
Only you can give me everything that I need
And as high as the heavens are above the earth
You’ve shown me your love so unconditionally

Oh, here You come
With Your arms open wide (come fill me)
Oh cause You are the one
Who can fill me with this fire

There’s nothing that I can do without You
I know life only because of Your love
I just can’t breathe without You
I’m so crazy about You
And I know love only because of Your life
Oh You overwhelm me with Your love.
Oh You overwhelm me, You overwhelm me!


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Here In This Moment Lyrics- Beckah Shae