“Hey God” Lyrics

Your light shows me the way
In spite of what I say
Your grace carries me on through
In lieu of all the things I do

Pre Chorus:
And when I fall asleep and
I’m behind the wheel of life
And I’m slippin’ like a tongue-tied liar
You show up and wake me up

Hey God thanks for everything
Thank You Father
I’m glad that You bother
Hey God thanks for everything
I’m glad that You bother to love a man like me

Midnight seemed as the day
As my eyes were closed to the way
I reached out but the air it was so thin
I couldn’t breath
I was smothered by my sin
But then like art in a frame You drew me
And erased all of the shame
That consumed me
And just in the nick of time
You showed up to wake me up

https://www.christiansong-lyrics.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/Lincoln-Brewster-Wallpaper.pnghttps://www.christiansong-lyrics.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/Lincoln-Brewster-Wallpaper-150x150.pngCSL TeamLincoln Brewster'Hey God' Lyricsby: Lincoln BrewsterYour light shows me the wayIn spite of what I sayYour grace carries me on throughIn lieu of all the things I doPre Chorus:And when I fall asleep andI'm behind the wheel of lifeAnd I'm slippin' like a tongue-tied liarYou show up and wake me...Christian Lyrics Online!