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Lincoln Brewster- Albums And Songs With Lyrics

Lincoln Brewster WallpaperLincoln Brewster is a contemporary Christian musician and pastor who has been musically inclined since his early childhood in Homer, Alaska. Brewster began playing music at a very young age and attained a level of success before he was 22 that many musicians never reach. As a guitarist, singer, and songwriter, Brewster became a sought-after session guitarist in the early 90s.

“God’s given me the courage to not let my past control my future… He’s given me the chance to be the father I never had and the husband I never saw modeled.” – Lincoln Brewster…. Real Life Worship

Below is a complete list of Lincoln Brewster albums and songs. Click each song to view lyrics.
Album: Real Life 
Album: Today Is The Day
September 23, 2008
  1. Today is the Day
  2. Everywhere I Go
  3. Give Him Praise
  4. God You Reign
  5. The Arms of My Savior
  6. This Love
  7. The Power Of Your Name
  8. The Love Of God
  9. Salvation Is Here
  10. Let Your Glory Shine 
Album: Let The Praises Ring – The Best of Lincoln Brewster
Lincoln Brewster- Albums And Songs With Lyrics