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By: Caedmon’s Call

So you asked, so I’m going
Here I am, never knowing
Where this horizon ends, and the next road begins
Or where I’ll find you

It’s getting dark and I’m a long way from home
But I can’t stand spending this night alone
And I will sleep, my eyes to the east
And wait for the sun to come, home

I’ve gone to walkabout to find your face
The land I love, don’t look the same
Look the same

So cover me like a blanket in the cold
You have given me this hand to hold
To help me up
‘Cause I fall down

It’s getting dark, and I’m a long way from home
But I will not spend this night alone.
I will sleep with my eyes to the east
And wait for the sun to come, home.

It feels something like I’m chasing the wind
I feel like this road has no end
But the end is you I know
So I chase on


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Home Lyrics- Caedmon’s Call

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