How It Turned Out Lyrics- Phil Wickham

How It Turned Out Lyrics
Phil Wickham

What are the chances of ever knowing You?
Oh God of creation
What would have happened if I have never followed You?
Oh lord of Salvation

But this is how we turned out
This is how we turned out

Everyday you greet me with the beauty of the dawn
My faithful companion
Your mercies in the morning your glory’s in the sun
My father in heaven

You know how I will turn out
You know how I will turn out

You’re the hope of my life
You’re the God of my peace
You’re the light to my soul
The very reason I breathe
I will walk in Your love
I will run in Your grace
I live to worship You

You make me turn

You are the reason for every breath I take
Strength in my weakness
You have forgiven every one of my mistakes

This is how we turned out
You know how I will turn out

[Chorus x2]

I live to worship you
I live to worship you

You make me turn

Oh You make me turn out


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How It Turned Out Lyrics- Phil Wickham

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