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I’ve been walking with a big grin
Singing with my eyes closed
Lifting up my hands
I’ve been lost in the moment
Sending up praises
Now I think I understand
When I open up and let it flow
I feel your touch and then I know

I can never live without it
And I’m never going to doubt it
Everyday it’s new, yeah
There’s nothing any better
I’ll be singing it forever
I worship you

I’m standing on the edge now
Looking to a new place
Going deeper still
The feeling is electric
The power and the glory
Just move me where you will
Cause you take the song and make it fly
Into my soul and that is why


I just want to dive into your grace
I want to feel your presence, seek your face
I just want to be where you are

I can never live without it
And I’m never going to doubt it
Everyday is new, yeah



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I Worship You Lyrics- MercyMe

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