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Jose Mari Chan- Profile, Songs and Lyrics

Jose Marie Chan Cover PhotoJose Mari Chan is a Chinese Filipino singer, songwriter and businessman in the sugar industry. He was born inIloilo City on March 11, 1945. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics from the Ateneo de Manila University in 1967. He is married to Mary Ann Ansaldo and has five children. He is currently the chairman and CEO of BISCOM, Inc. and A. Chan Sugar Corporation. He is also the chairman and president of Signature Music Inc.

He is considered as one of the most foremost popular music writers of the Philippines. His songs were very popular nowadays as it was on 1960’s. His pseudonyms were Joe Mari, Mr. Music Man or the Filipino Jimmy Web.

He is considered as the “Filipino Jimmy Webb” because of his lyrics which is totally different from others. His songs were continually played over different radio stations and strengthening his popularity over his admirers. He is known for his “Beautiful Girl” and become one of the most-respected and most-enduring singer-songwriter of the country. He is the only singer/composer/producer that has been bestowed lifetime achievement awards by The Philippine Association of the Record Industry’s Awit Awards, the composer’s group Katha Awards and Aliw Award.