Kingdom Come Lyrics- Hillsong United

“Kingdom Come” Lyrics

Verse 1:
Your love reaches out to me
Your grace has made a way to You
Made a way to You
Your Word lives inside of me
Your truth is life to all who hear
Life to all who hear

Pre Chorus:
We live for You
Live Your truth

May Your kingdom come
And Your will be done
As we serve Your heart
Serve your heart
Let salvation flow
As Your people pray
Lord we long for more
Long for more

Verse 2:
In You, death is overcome
No power can stand against Your name
The power of Your name
In faith, we will rise to be
Your hands and feet to all the earth
Life to all the earth

(Pre Chorus & Chorus)

Lord, we long for you
To see Your truth
In all we do…


We live for you
Live Your truth
We long for you
To see Your truth
(Chorus 2x)


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Kingdom Come Lyrics- Hillsong United

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