MercyMe Lyrics- All The Above


Stuck in a day
Like a runner with no race
Are you afraid
Your joy has been misplaced
It’s been a while
Since I’ve seen you smile
How easy you forget
So roll back the time
And there you will find
What never left

The day heaven found you
The day the angels sang
Praises to the Father
Who called you by name
The moment you surrendered
The moment you were saved
Life as you knew it forever was changed
And all the above rejoiced

Remember the day
When God forgot your sin
Remember the way
That joy came tumbling in
There will be times
When you cannot find
A reason to stand and sing
But let this remind
You time after time
You’re a child of the King

[Repeat Chorus]

See them dancing
See them singing
All of heaven is rejoicing over you

[Repeat Chorus 2x]


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MercyMe Lyrics- All The Above

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