MercyMe Lyrics- The Change Inside of Me


Pardon me
If I’ve been acting strange
I haven’t been myself lately
What you see
Is a person rearranged
Someone affected me greatly
And I’ve got so much to say
Ever since Jesus looked my way

Gonna raise my voice like thunder
And leave the world in wonder of the change
The change inside of me
And I will never stop believing
That you are the reason for this change
The change inside of me

I’m taking in the view
Of His glory around me
I’m awake
And I have been made new
By the One who has found me
Words just can’t say enough
When all I can feel is love

[Repeat Chorus]

Your life You gave for mine to save
Its nothing less than a miracle
Your name I praise, because the change
Inside of me is so beautiful

[Repeat Chorus 2x]


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MercyMe Lyrics- The Change Inside of Me

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