MercyMe Lyrics- There’s A Reason


Now’s the time
Let the redeemed celebrate
If you know what I know
You can’t wipe the smile off your face
Oh people, stand up and praise

There’s a reason to dance
There’s a reason to sing
Of the sacred romance
With our Savior and King
We lift up our hands
We fall on our knees
To the Son of Man
The reason we are free

There’s a reason

All glory to
The King of Kings, Lord of Lords
Oh the value of Your worth
No worldly treasures can afford

And we praise You forevermore

[Repeat Chorus]

There’s a reason to stand
There’s a reason to shout, to shout Your name on high
So we take up our cross, there’s a reason to die
Because Jesus is alive

There’s a reason

[Repeat Chorus]

There’s a reason
You are the reason
The reason we are free


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MercyMe Lyrics- There’s A Reason

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