MercyMe Lyrics- Come One, Come All


Come you who are weary
Come you who are strong
Take in His wondrous glory
And dance the freedom song
Everything revolves here
Around His holy name
And after you have been here
You’ll never be the same

Come one, come all
To the presence of our God
This is where all hope and peace and joy are found
Come taste and see
We’ve been summoned by the King
Enter in and place your feet on holy ground

Come you who are searching
Come you who are saved
Embrace the gift of mercy
Embrace the gift of grace
Enter all you nations
Worship at His throne
Glorify the wonder
Of Christ and Christ alone

[Repeat Chorus]


We’ll shine the light of gloria Yeah [2x]

[Repeat Chorus 2x]


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MercyMe Lyrics- Come One, Come All

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