Only To Be Yours- Meredith Andrews Lyrics

“Only To Be Yours” Lyrics
by: Meredith Andrews

Undivided, strip everything else away
Burn the idols, the things in my life
That have replaced You
I lay my life down, here on Your altar
Empty my hands of all I’ve been holding back

Take everything I have
Only to be Yours Lord, Yours Lord
Take it from my hands
Until I’m holding onto only You

Captivated, You’ve stolen my heart away
I’ve been liberated the chains of this world forever broken
You laid Your life down
Now I surrender, lifting my hands
I’m holding nothing back

Everything I want is found in You
Every breath in me, a gift from You
I have nothing here apart from You
I am Yours Lord, Only Yours


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Only To Be Yours- Meredith Andrews Lyrics

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