Reign Forever Lyrics- Victory Worship

Reign Forever” Lyrics
By: Victory Worship
Album: Rise Heart

Words and Music by Elle Cabiling, Chino Celeste,
AJ Jiao, and Ian Tumaliuan
Key: E Tempo: 74 BPM
© 2015 Every Nation Music, 84Media

In the midst of the battle
I put my trust in You
When darkness overwhelms me
I will look to You
When enemies surround me
And sorrow fills my heart
Your gentle voice reminds me
We’ll never be apart

Now I worship
Now I declare

Jesus, You’ve won it all
You reign forever
You reign forever
Holy and glorious
You reign forever
You reign forever

In Your love everlasting
I find my victory
Every fear is defeated
I know You are with me


When I was so lost
You chose to love
Someone like me
So that I could live
You gave Your life
Upon that cross


You reign forever


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Reign Forever Lyrics- Victory Worship

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