Rise Heart Lyrics- Victory Worship

Rise Heart” Lyrics
By: Victory Worship
Album: Rise Heart

Words and Music by Isa Fabregas, James Murrell,
Rachel Murrell and William Murrell
Key: D Tempo: 70 BPM
© 2015 Every Nation Music, 84Media

Awake my soul
Rise, heart in me
His death has paid the price for all
Redeemed creation from the fall
Rise, heart in me

Christ is risen
The chains of death are broken
I’m forgiven
By grace that’s never ending
Christ is risen
All creation praise Him
Sing with the heavens
Glory to the King

Come Holy One
Breathe life in us
From every nation, every tongue
Endless praises will be sung
Breathe life in us


And we’re singing out,
At the top of our lungs
Holy, holy, is the Risen Son
Is the Risen Son
Is the Risen Son



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Rise Heart Lyrics- Victory Worship

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