The Saints Lyrics- Citipointe Live

“The Saints” Lyrics
Words and Music by: Joel Ramsey, Jarryd Shuker and Nigel Birkbeck
Album: Commission My Soul
Verse 1:

In this cold dark place
Where confusion lay
Trying to keep me from
Your holy face

You will lift me up
Withdraw despair and doubt
Where our visions blurred
Let Your heart be heard
Verse 2:
With clean hands pure heart
Your people stand for love
In all we say and do
May our lives speak truth
Pre- Chorus:
In love we are Yours forever
As we live, to love this world and sing
We are Your saints we rise
Your word is truth and it’s life
We lift You up
We lift You up
As one we stand and unite
Our lips, Your praise be entwined
We lift You up
We lift You up
I’ll be your salt and Your light
All darkness will flee and hide
A city on a hill
Your love for all to see


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The Saints Lyrics- Citipointe Live

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