You Alone Lyrics- Citipointe Live

“You Alone” Lyrics
Words and Music By: Brett Allen, Aaron Lucas, R.J. Steenekamp, John Snow, Paul Wright
Album: Commission My Soul

Hear the sound
Of Your praise
The symphony
Of Your chosen
Rising all across the earth

Fill our hearts
With Your fire
We’ll be Your stars
In the darkness
Shining the light of Your freedom

Pre Chorus:
We Your children
Will echo Your fame
Lift high Your glorious name
Jesus Messiah Divine

You alone
Are mighty to be praised
We hail You all our days
You alone are God
We’re running to the sound of heaven
Marching to the beat of Your heart
Laying all aside
Lifting You so high
You are God


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You Alone Lyrics- Citipointe Live

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