Show Me Lyrics- Beckah Shae

Show Me Lyrics
Beckah Shae
Songwriters: JORDAN, RONNY
Published by: Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

I’ma go there, got no fear, I’m not scared no
Revelation come! I wanna know why I’m,
Watchin’ what I’m watchin’
Hearin’ what I’m hearin’
Doin’ what I’m doin’
Consuming what I’m consuming

All the fishies swimming in the same direction
All swallowin’, followin’, with no hesitation.
Buyin’ what they’re buyin’
Wearin’ what they’re wearin’
Lovin’ what they’re lovin’
Goin where everyone’s goin’

Where are all the questions?

In a world of mystery
I’ma keep searchin’, till you show me
With both eyes open, I won’t sleep
I’ma keep searchin’ till you show me
I can hear it on the stereo, see it on the telly
Oh, no, I won’t be deceived!
Illuminate the truth to me
I’ma keep searchin’ till you show me

There, everywhere, signs symbols
Open up your eyes, ?cause there ain’t much time
Till were gonna go home
So watch what you’re watchin’
Hear what you’re hearin’
Do what you’re doin’
And know what you’re consuming

Ignorance ain’t bliss when you’re standin’ in the fire
There’s a way that seems ok,
Don’t die, by a liar
So don’t buy what they’re buyin’
Care what their wearin’,
Love how they’re lovin’
And don’t go where everyone’s goin’

Where are all the questions?

You are life
So open up my eyes
You are mine, Jesus
And I will seek until I find
The whole truth,
So you won’t see me fallin’
For nothing but you
‘Cause you are the truth


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Show Me Lyrics- Beckah Shae