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Simply Free Lyrics- Beckah Shae

Simply Free Lyrics
Beckah Shae

Sitting contemplating these images in my mind,
Making sure that everything is stylistically right.
Overwhelmed, now I know why I’m tired.
Cause this place’s superficial expectations are way too high!
So why is everyone always tryin to be,
Everything this world tells us we ought to be?
You know I’m just gonna keep my song simple now,
Cause I don’t really need to try and be deep.
And who decided what clothes look good on me?
And would it even matter if I disagreed?
You know I’m just gonna keep my style simple now,
With something cozy, maybe even bare feet.

Cause I’m Free, Free to be,
Everything He made me to be.
I’m free, from the world and me.

Depressing awareness, that I couldn’t even measure up.
No matter how hard I tried, I could never be enough.
Tryin on my own, to fulfill a law,
That’s already been fulfilled for me!
So why we gotta try to hold on tight,
To the old ways when there’s been a sacrifice?
The curse has been erased for you and me,
So there’s no need for empty religiosity.
And why must I be bound by all the limits set,
The human eye decides is far as I can get?
You know I’m just gonna keep on running, to the unseen,
Accepted and beloved, cause in Him I know that I am….

Beautifully chosen, adopted as His child.
I have been redeemed and made complete in Him all the while,
Knowing that I’ll never be the same.
Cause I am a significant, magnificent creation!
Presented pure and holy and worthy of,
A love that I could never comprehend enough.
I am made a royal priest, sitting in the heavenlies,
And I can do all things through Christ who gives me
The strength it takes to die so I can live.
I have been anointed, established and sealed by Him.
Ooh, can’t you feel the peace it just makes me wanna sing…

Simply Free Lyrics- Beckah Shae