Start With Me- Meredith Andrews Lyrics

“Start With Me” Lyrics
by: Meredith Andrews

Verse 1
You are air to desperate lungs
Water falling on the sand
Silence to an angry storm
Sight to a blind man

Your still a God of miracles
so if you’re gonna move again
would you move in me? Move in me

Verse 2
You’re the beat to a broken heart
bread for a hungry crowd
In one word from your voice rings out
and the death of the grave close down
because you’re still the God of the empty tomb
the one who came to life again
so come alive in me! come alive in me!
come alive in me, come alive in me!

My life is an empty cup
fill it up, fill it up!
I want to hear every rescued heart cry
you’re enough, you’re enough
Break what needs breaking
till you’re all we see
Start with me, start with me!

Verse 3
Whose arms hold the fatherless
Whose voice do they hear
Who sits with the prisoner
and stands for the one in fear
You’re still the God of what is just
and you’re still the God of Love
so would You love through me, love through me!
Come and love through me, would you love through me! Yeah!


Your kingdom come, your will be done
Lord let it be, let it start with me, start with me!
Yes, your kingdom come, your will be done
Oh Lord let it be, let it start with me, start with me!
Yeah! Start with me! Start with me!



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Start With Me- Meredith Andrews Lyrics

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