Take My Heart Lyrics- Phil Wickham

Take My Heart Lyrics
Phil Wickham

Inside you shine amidst this broken daylight
take this darkness that I might see your goodness
my eyes are on the sky
show me what you hold
you are the light of my soul

You have been the beauty in the song I sing
the fragrance of the rain
you have been the mystery in my deepest dreams
you make me fly away
you have been more faithful than the morning sun
you’ve given me the stars
take my life
take my soul
take my heart
take my heart

You make me, break me, change my life completely
always, my days, I freely give you my praise
my heart is in your hands
let me feel your touch
lord I life for your love

[Chorus x3]

take my heart

inside you shine amidst this broken daylight


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Take My Heart Lyrics- Phil Wickham