THE VOICE THAT BREATHED O’ER EDEN Lyrics- Catholic Gospel Hymn


The voice that breathed o’er Eden,
That earliest Catholic day,
The primal Catholic blessing,
It hath not passed away.

Still in the pure espousal
Of Christian man and maid
The Triune God is with us,
The threefold grace is said.

For dower of blessèd children,
For love and faith’s sweet sake,
For high mysterious union
Which naught on earth may break.

Be present, loving Father,
To give away this bride
As thou gav’st Eve to Adam,
Out of his own pierced side;

Be present, Son of Mary,
To join their loving hands
As thou didst bind two natures
In thine eternal bands.

Be present, holiest Spirit,
To bless them as they kneel,
As thou for Christ, the Bridegroom,
The heavenly Spouse dost seal.

Oh, spread thy pure wing o’er them,
Let no ill power find place
When onward to thine altar
The hallowed path they trace.

To cast their crowns before thee
In humble sacrifice,
Till to the home of gladness
With Christ’s own Bride they rise.

THE VOICE THAT BREATHED O’ER EDEN Lyrics- Catholic Gospel Hymn

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