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Train Up a Child Written By Preacher Steve Wukmer

Train Up a Child
By: Preacher Steve Wukmer

The Bible instructs parents in Proverbs 22:6 “To train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old; he will not depart from it.” Training or instruction by the parents a necessity in a child’s life for proper development sociably, mentally, and physically. The question that arises is “where or when do we start as parents?” The best advice found is before a child is born through Stimulation. There are three basic areas of Stimulation: sound, touch, and proper care.

The first area of Stimulation that a parent encouraged to use is sound. Sound according to many studies has a great effect on the child’s development while in the womb and will also have lasting effects on the child once the child is born. What types of sounds should the parents use? The first sound is talking to the child, both mother and father. Using wholesome words when speaking to the child has a proven effect on the child’s ability to bond and relate to each parents once born. The second sound which is related to the first is reading to the child while in the womb. As Christian parents the best reading material is the Bible. Both parents are encouraged to take time reading to a child, which will develop their baby’s mental ability to speak and learn as well as creating a positive relationship with each parent. The third sound is music that is calm and soothing to the child. Parents are should avoid loud music or music that may cause irritation to the baby. One suggestion for the use of music is to take a set of head phones and place them on the mother’s stomach to allow the child to develop their thoughts and response to the music or the parents may choose to sing to the child. As Christian parents it would be wise to use good Christian music and develop their spiritual growth even before they are born. Sound simulations that should be avoided are extreme loud noises such as screaming, yelling, banging, or noises that will cause the child to be restless once born. An example of this a child that was exposed to Firecrackers before birth may become very afraid and agitated after they are born in response to hearing a firecracker. Parents will need to learn to avoid certain noise because of the effects it may have on the child after they are born. The goal of using positive sounds is for the baby to be able to develop properly, especially mentally.

The second area of Stimulation is touch. Again, both parents are encouraged to use touch to stimulate the child in the womb. While the parents are using the first area of Stimulation, sound, they should take turns rubbing the Mother womb when they are speaking, signing or reading to the child. When there is movement of the child in the womb is a good time to use the Stimulation of gently patting or rubbing the tummy. When parents receive an ultra sound of the baby this will help them know where the head of the child is located so can gently rub that area of the tummy. This type of stimulation has also proven effect on the way the child will bond with the parents once born.

The third area of Stimulation is proper care. Proper care is the result of the mother’s physical, mental, and emotional well being. Both parents can play an important roll in this even though it is mainly the mother’s responsibility for herself and the child.. Physically the mother should take time to eat right as well as exercise to maintain her strength and physical fitness. Mentally the mother should take some time to focus on herself and the baby’s needs. Reading and relaxing will help both the mother and the child. Also, take time to counsel with some Godly women who have been through what you are going through. Proverbs teaches that there is wisdom in the multitude of counselors, Proverbs 11:14, 15:22. Emotionally the mother again should take time to relax and meditate on the Word of God which will provide strength and encouragement. The Husband’s responsibility is to Love, Nourish, and Cherish their wives, Ephesians 5:25-33. Husbands should be the positive encourager and strength to his wife and child during the pregnancy. Husbands can eat right and exercise with their wives. They can provide for her mental and emotional needs also. The husband can and should be his wife’s support through out her pregnancy by allowing some free time for relaxation and helping around the house with the chores. Husbands should have a daily goal to read the Bible and pray with his wife. Parents should allow this time of pregnancy to draw each of them closer one to another. A positive and loving relationship will have a great result on the child once born.

In conclusion Stimulation of sound, touch, and proper care will provide lasting effects on the child’s growth once they are born. Studies have proven that a child will be able to communicate better with their parents if the principles of sound was developed in the womb. The sound Stimulation has also proven that a child has a better chance to develop their speech earlier and easier. A child will respond to parents better emotionally when the Stimulation of touch was practiced when the parent hugs the child or provides for their physical needs. Last, proper care teaches parents to work together, love one another (even trough difficulties), and be their for each other. Building a happy, positive, (Christian) home will be the best for the development and training up a child in the way he should go. Parents should strive to keep Jesus first in the marriage and home for the benefit and well being of the child and their marriage. As a word of encouragement parents should seek out some good material on training their child before birth and after Birth. The best tool though is the word of God itself for raising a godly family.

Author Resource:->  I have been in the ministry for 30 years helping Families and their children. I have been a Pastor, Youth Pastor, Christian School Teacher, and worked in Homes for Troubled Teens. I have a degree in Bible and education. I also, have a Master degree in Pastoral counseling. My desire is to help Parents and their children. To be able to help families; I have dedicated web site for this purpose :

Train Up a Child Written By Preacher Steve Wukmer