Almost Gone Lyrics- Caedmon’s Call

Almost Gone
By: Caedmon’s Call

Maslow told me years ago
That I’d need twice tomorrow of what I have today
It makes me wish I’d never had a bed to lay my head
And if I could have me, then I’d take you instead

What’s the use in having something if it belongs to me
Cause if I can put my hands upon it, I’ll never set it free
And many are distractions, upon the road is wide
Many things to see, and lots of room to hide

(I will run from you) But you’ll have to catch me
(You can’t run like me) You’ll never catch me this time
(What a shame) And it’s all such a shame
And I don’t miss you (But I miss you)
Leave me alone (Come for me)
Cuz I’m almost gone (But I’m still here)
I’m almost gone

Pavlov showed me years ago
That my desires would be whet by just appearances
And it makes me wish I’d never had a vice or I’d thoguth twice
And if I had to know, then your words would suffice

And what’s the use in knowing something if it’s all in my head
‘Cause if I can think about it, I’ll think it till it’s dead
And many are assumptions, In these hallowed halls
With the dirt tracked on the floor, and the days chalked on the walls

Now I am discovering many small minorities {all of us united}
Join together pieces to become majorities {we could change the world}
And all of us united, we could change the world {all of us divided, all of us}
And all of us divided, we could change the world

I’m still here{I’m still here} (do you hear me)
Do you hear me {do you hear me} (and don’t call me)
Don’t call me {don’t call me} (or beckon me)
You gotta beckon me {beckon me} (come for me)
Oh won’t you come for me {come for me} (I’m almost gone)
‘Cause I’m almost gone


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Almost Gone Lyrics- Caedmon’s Call

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