AS A FIRE IS MEANT FOR BURNING Lyrics- Catholic Gospel Hymn


As a fire is meant for burning
with a bright and warming flame,
so the church is meant for mission,
giving glory to God’s name.

Not to preach our creeds or customs,
but to build a bridge of care,
we join hands across the nations,
finding neighbors everywhere.

We are learners; we are teachers;
we are pilgrims on the way.
We are seekers; we are givers;
we are vessels made of clay.
By our gentle loving actions, we would show that Christ is light.
in a humble, listening spirit, we would live to God’s delight.

As a green bud in the springtime is a sign of life renewed,
so may we be signs of oneness mid earth’s peoples many hued.
As a rainbow lights the heavens when a storm is past and gone,
may our lives reflect the radiance of God’s new and glorious dawn..


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AS A FIRE IS MEANT FOR BURNING Lyrics- Catholic Gospel Hymn

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