Brand New Start Lyrics- Amy Grant

Brand New Start Lyrics
Amy Grant

When I think of all the things
He’s doing for me
It makes me stand in wonder at what
He’s making me to be
Tryin’ to walk through straight
But gettin’ turned around
Always makin’ my master
Take a back seat and wait around

But I praise the Lord for giving me
A brand new start each day
And I praise His blessed name for
Guiding me all along the way
For if He didn’t I wouldn’t even try

Well maybe you can’t see a change
You know these things can take time
But now that I’ve found Jesus, well
He’s given me peace of mind
Now every day is just a chance to grow
Closer to Him
I may not win all the battles
But it’s a victory in Him



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Brand New Start Lyrics- Amy Grant

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