Burn The Ships Lyrics- Steven Curtis Chapman

Burn The Ships
By: Steven Curtis Chapman

In the spring of 1519
A Spanish fleet set sail.
Cortez told his sailors,
“This mission must not fail.”
On the eastern shore of Mexico,
they landed with great dreams,
but the hardships of the new life
made them restless and weak.
Quietly they whisper
“Let’s sail back to the life we knew”
but the one who led them there was saying,

“Burn the ships!

In the spring of new beginnings
a searching heart set sail
looking for a new life
and a love that would not fail.
on the shores of grace and mercy
it landed with great joy.
but the enemy was waiting
to steal kill and destroy
Quietly he whispered
“sail back to the life you know”
But the one who led us here was saying

Burn the ships!
We’re here to stay.
There’s no way we could go back now that
we’ve come this far by faith
Burn the ships.
We’ve passed the point of no return.
Our life is here so let the ships burn.
Let ’em burn!”


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Burn The Ships Lyrics- Steven Curtis Chapman

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