Maria Lyrics- Steven Curtis Chapman

By: Steven Curtis Chapman

She’s too young to understand
But old enough to feel the pain
Of living where no love can grow
With no hope for change
Her world is an angry place
But she makes sure the scars don’t show
And with every hurt
Her tender heart is growing cold, but…

Who, who’s gonna love Maria?
Who, who’s gonna touch her
With the tenderness she longs for
Like a desert longs for rain
She’s got a hunger deep inside
And with every tear she cries
She wonders if there’s someone
Out there somewhere
Who’s gonna love Maria?

She looks in the mirror now
And the little girl is gone
But still the search for someone’s love
Goes on and on for Maria
But does anybody care
Or even notice her at all?
Is anyone listening close enough
To hear her call?

Maria, if you can hear me
Please know that you’re not forgotten
Somebody’s trying to get to you


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Maria Lyrics- Steven Curtis Chapman

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