No Greater Love Lyrics- Steven Curtis Chapman

No Greater Love
By: Steven Curtis Chapman

Men of courage with your message of peace
What is that look in your eyes?
Why have you come to this faraway place?
What is this story you would lay down your live to tell?
What kind of love can this be?

There is no greater love than this
There is no greater gift that can ever be given
To be willing to die so another might live
There is no greater love than this

Broken hearted from all you have lost
How can you sing through your tears?
What is this music that can bear such a cost?
What is this fire that grows stronger against the wind?
What kind of flame can this be?


This is the love God showed the world
When he gave us His Son
So we can know his love forever
Beyond the Gates of Splendor



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No Greater Love Lyrics- Steven Curtis Chapman

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