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Jeremy Camp

What It’s Worth Lyrics- The Katinas

What It’s Worth By: The Katinas and Jeremy Camp Lyrics: How can I express The fullness and the depth Of what it is that you Have done for me Words seem so small I can’t explain it all Unending joy and love That you bring I was summoned to the cross The only thing it […]

Understand- Jeremy Camp Lyrics

“Understand” Lyrics by: Jeremy Camp Buy from iTunes: Understand – Stay Lyrics: Everytime I fall down on my face I see the one who sore all my shame To know that you are everything I need you to be You’re my ever present hope in time of need I know you understand it all So […]

JEREMY CAMP LYRICS- Complete Albums and Songs

Jeremy “Thomas” Camp is a contemporary Christian singer from Indiana. His inspiring songs continue to create a great impact to the lives of many Christians. Below is a complete list of albums and songs of Jeremy Camp. Click each song to view lyrics. STAY ALBUM-9/12/2002  Understand  Right Here Walk By Faith  Stay  All The Time  […]

You’re Worthy Of My Praise Lyrics- Jeremy Camp

“You’re Worthy Of My Praise” Lyrics by: Jeremy Camp I will give, You all my worship I will give, You all my praise You alone, I long to worship You alone, are worthy of my praise I will worship, with all of my heart I will praise You, with all of my strength I will […]

You Will Be There Lyrics- Jeremy Camp

“You Will Be There” Lyrics by: Jeremy Camp I begin the day With the faith You fashion my ways, And I cannot escape For Your hand it leads. Your right hand holds me. Chorus:When I wake, You will be there. When the sun goes down in the night,You wil be there. My life has been […]