Do They Know Lyrics- Steven Curtis Chapman

Do They Know
By: Steven Curtis Chapman

I’m one of the chosen few
God chose to carry to
A hopeless and dying world
Good News.

I’m a disciple of
A caring Father’s love,
A light to the world,
To show them the way.

Do they know;
Can they see;
Jesus lives in me. [2x]

A vacant house comes alive
When somebody moves inside,
A light in the window means somebody’s home;
I say Jesus lives in me,
But can everybody see
The light of His love that shines in my heart.


A cloud of witnesses surrounds us,
Who long to share what we’ve received;
Tell me where will they see Jesus,
If not in you and me.

So we must let them know,
Let them see Jesus lives in you and me.
Let them know, let them see;
He is all they need,
Jesus is all we need.


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Do They Know Lyrics- Steven Curtis Chapman

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