February 20th Lyrics- Steven Curtis Chapman

February 20th
By: Steven Curtis Chapman

February 20th 2008
On the floor with her mom
Puttin’ her shoes on
Getting ready for another day

February 20th
She says, “Mom, is it true?
Does God really have a big, big house
Does it really have a lot of rooms?”
And she says,
“I really, really want to go there.”
And I said, “Why we just tuck you in.”
And that’s what we did
On February 20th

February 20th
I did my best to explain
How it is that we all want to be with God
How it was the Savior came

February 20th
If it’s true what he said
God himself sang along with the beautiful song
Of rejoicing in heaven
She said, “Jesus please come and live in my life
And someday, can I come there to live?”
We could never have imagined
She’d be going there so soon

So soon

So soon

God only knows
Everything that happened in that moment
God only knows
What he whispered to her heart
God only knows
Just how thankful I will always be
That he gave her mom and me
February 20th


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February 20th Lyrics- Steven Curtis Chapman

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