For You Lyrics- Michael W. Smith

“For You” Lyrics

Sittin’ in the rain
Water on your brain
Got a hole in your boat
Trying to stay afloat
Has got you down
I’ve got a wind in my sail
Rubber boots and a pail
I’ll throw you a line
Rest assured that I
Won’t ever let you drown

‘Cause when you’re up against the wall
You know I’ll be here for you, for you
When you rise and when you fall
I’ll always be here for you, for you

When the plans you make
Fall through and take you
For a loop
Or some bird has flown the coop
And left you stranded
Just lean on me
And together you see
We’ll carry the load
Even if we don’t
Quite understand it

[Chorus 2x]


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For You Lyrics- Michael W. Smith

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