Get Up For Love Lyrics- Newsboys

Get Up For Love Lyrics

Island life in the sun
Tryin’ to hide from everyone
Livin’ a life that pleases you
Big walls that hide you
Where were you those days – Wooooo
When love called, you were away – Wooooo
You know people lost yeh
Bring down those walls yeh

Its time to make a stand, get up, get up
Its time to take the land
Get up, get up for love

Island life in the sun tryin’ to hide from everyone
Livin’ a life that pleases you, big walls that hide you
Friends lost with hell to pay – Woooo
Will you let them go that way
People caught by death yeh – Woooo
Do you love the lost yeh – Woooo


The devil comes to rob and to steal
Secret believer, believe me it’s real



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Get Up For Love Lyrics- Newsboys