God Of Creation Lyrics- David Crowder Band

God Of Creation
By: David Crowder Band

It’s the way Your stars shine
Sometimes so bright that I swear I could hear
It’s the way Your moonlight
Falls on this mountain lake so clear and
It’s the way Your sunshine
Paints Your evening sky and
It’s the way Your rain falls
To sing me to sleep at night and
I fall, I fall into You

God of creation
Take my breath away
God of the heavens
In this very space

It’s the way You lead me
The way we walk by Your waters still and
It’s the way You hold me
The way You’ve felt all that I feel and
It’s the way You touch me
The way You know when
It’s needed most
It’s the way You form Your words
On my heart while I rest in You
Carry me away


You enter suddenly
And I am lost again
Inside the majesty
Oh, I am lost again
And you come suddenly
‘Cause I am lost again
Inside the mystery,
Oh, I am lost again
Inside the majesty
Inside the mystery



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God Of Creation Lyrics- David Crowder Band

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