HEART OF MARY Lyrics- Catholic Gospel Hymn


Heart of Mary, Heart all pure,
Sinless Heart of Mary!
Heart most tender, refuge sure,
Spotless Heart of Mary!
Chosen vessel undefiled,
Lily chalice holy!
Through the merits of thy Child,
Make us pure and holy.

Temple of the Trinity,
Throne of God all holy,
Ark of His divinity,
Tabernacle holy!
Cradle of the Word divine,
Show us Christ our Brother,
Heart of Mary, mystic shrine,
Show thyself our Mother.

Source of Christ’s most precious blood,
Virgin Heart of Mary!
Cleanse us in that saving flood,
Victim Heart of Mary!
May thy love our hearts refine,
Bless our consecration;
May our heart be one with thine,
Making reparation..


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HEART OF MARY Lyrics- Catholic Gospel Hymn

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