Hold On Lyrics- Beckah Shae

Hold On Lyrics
Beckah Shae

It’s gonna be ok now,
Just keep holdin on

Cause there ain’t ever been a day that…
God hasn’t been on His throne

Cause sometimes you’re gonna feel like you’re on your own
That’s when ya need to remember
He promised to never let ya go
And you are never ever alone

That’s why if you’re ever feeling down or low
You just need to remember
Your maker’s got a plan you may not know
So trust that He’s still in control

So be better with your time
Cause you don’t know how much left you’ll find
Have courage and follow the light
Keep your head up,
Don’t you give up, you’ll be just fine

Hold on
You were made for better than this
And if you believe, you’ll see it
Hold on
There’s more in store for you, don’t miss
Out on all that has been promised
Hold on
Cause I’m holdin on
Hold on
Cause He’s holdin on
Hold on
Just keep holdin on
So hold on, hold on, hold on

Cause some days will seem like everything’s going wrong
That’s when you need to remember
To stay sure of all that you’ve been hoping for
Be encouraged, keep moving forward

That’s when, you’ll find yourself
better than you were before
Refuse to quit and remember
Endure, you’re almost there, just don’t let go

He’s coming soon
Hold on to what you’ve got
Hold on, hold on
Keep your crown,
Don’t lose what you’ve been taught
Cause He who promised is faithful


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Hold On Lyrics- Beckah Shae