Wolves Lyrics- Beckah Shae

Wolves Lyrics
Beckah Shae

They’re out there
They ain’t fair
They watch you

They’ll hurt you
They don’t care
They’ll hate you
They’ll rob you
They’ll try to
Be your closest friend
But if you let them in
(Don’t, don’t do it)
You’ll find yourself more lost
Than you’ve ever been
Be wise and see through it

Behold, if you gain the whole world
and lose your soul, you lose it all
Behold we’ve been sent out like sheep
amongst wolves, so don’t be fooled

So watch out!
You better be prepared
or lose it all if you fall
Stay pure and you’ll get through it,

Them wolves!
Ain’t playin fair so don’t you go there
Know whose you are
don’t compromise and you’ll be alright

Be wise!
Just remember who is on your side
You’re not far from the win
if you just guard your heart
So be shrewd as a serpent and as innocent as doves

They’ll mock you
and accuse you
Then ignore you
Like you ain’t ever been there
They smile at you
Then criticize you
Even pretend
To be love, if you let them in
Don’t, don’t do it
You’ll find yourself more lost than you’ve ever been
Be wise and see through it

They might think you’re a fool
cause your success don’t look the same
But they don’t know that while you’re weak
the mighty One is on His way
As gentle as a feather and as sharp as a sword
be sharp as a sword
And brave like the wolves

Wolves Lyrics- Beckah Shae