Hope Lives Lyrics- Beckah Shae

Hope Lives Lyrics
Beckah Shae

Cause I believe there’s always hope,
If you know Him well,
But even if you don’t, He still knows your name

All ya gotta do is look His way
Cause I’m so sure there’s no need to worry
If you let the King, finish your story

So hold on He’s got you
Sometimes it feels like the end
But look again
Cause it may just be only the beginning

Brighter than all your days
You’ve still got one made, waiting for you
So don’t you forget, it’s not over yet
There’s still tomorrow right up ahead
Hope lives, hope lives
Hope lives so breathe it in
Hope lives, hope lives
Hope lives so breathe it in

Cause I believe there’s always hope
If you trust Him so,
But even when you don’t, He still won’t let you go
All ya gotta do is turn His way
Cause I’m certain there’s no need to give up
So whatever your facing, let it be the day He shows up

Don’t you know we are the most to be pitied,
if all we live for is here and now?
Cause there’s so much more, in store, for the one who believes
That hope lives, that hope gives,
new life again, new joy again,
with the promise of Heaven, so breathe it in


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Hope Lives Lyrics- Beckah Shae