Mighty Lyrics- Beckah Shae

Mighty Lyrics
Beckah Shae

Mighty all the time
He never takes a break
He’s always right

Working all day and every night

Mighty all the time
He never shifts at all
He stays the same
He’ll never ever change

Mighty all the time
He’s always on his throne
It’s where he rules
Forever ancient forever new

Mighty all the time
His power never ceases to amaze me
And it’s everlasting

Oh, he is so mighty
All the time
Oh, he’s mighty
So mighty
All the time

Who could place the stars in the heavens
And call each and every one by name?
He is so mighty

Who knows every single thought that’s in your mind?
No one but him, that’s right
Yeah because he’s mighty

Who can move a mountain
Split the sea in two
Or make it rain or shine
Turn the darkness into light
Only God almighty

He’ll take a nation down
And raise it up again
With one hand and have a party
He can ’cause, yeah
He’s so mighty

Mighty all the time
He’s the one who saves
He’s in our midst
Rejoicing over us with gladness

Mighty all the time
He knows everything
He sees it all
To him nothing’s impossible

Mighty all the time
He established the whole world
Created every boy and girl
And he’s got a plan, yeah

Mighty all the time
His glory never ceases to amaze me
And it’s everlasting

He’s better than a superhero
‘Cause he ain’t limites on power

He’s stronger than the bravest warrior
Makes even the darkest villains cower

Bang! Bang! Boom! Pow!
Yo, check him out!
There ain’t nobody like him ’cause he’s so mighty


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Mighty Lyrics- Beckah Shae