Love People Lyrics- The Katinas

Love People
By: The Katinas, Toby Mac, B. Reith

Love I can feel it in the room
And every note that were playing
Is an honor offered to you
And lord were thankful for your call
And every road we’ve traveled together
Been worth it all

Were gonna hit the road again
Share some songs make some friend
Lift our hands to the great I am
It’s beautiful display
We might worship all night long
Hoping you will sing along
Cause everybody’s family
Like momma use to say

Love People, love people
Love people, love people

The broken are being made whole again
Hallelujah a burdens been lifted say amen
It’s all bout your faithfulness
So we pray lord let us never forget

I’m gonna love like mama told me
Ain’t nothing gonna make me change
Hope for a brighter day

Love People Lyrics- The Katinas