Mountain Top Lyrics- Amy Grant

Mountain Top Lyrics
Amy Grant

I love to sing and I love to pray
Worship the Lord most everyday
I go to the temple, and I just want to stay
To hide from the hustle of the world and its ways

And I’d love to live on a mountain top
Fellowshipping with the Lord
I’d love to stand on a mountain top
‘Cause I love to feel my spirit soar
But I’ve got to come down from that mountain top
To the people in the valley below
Or they’ll never know that they can go
To the mountain of the Lord

Now, praising the Father is a good thing to do
Worship the Trinity in spirit and truth
But if we worshiped all of the time
There would be no one to lead the blind


Now, I am not saying that worship is wrong
But worship is more than just singing a song
It’s all that you say, and everything that you do
It’s letting His Spirit live through you



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Mountain Top Lyrics- Amy Grant

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