Precious Promise Lyrics- Steven Curtis Chapman

Precious Promise
By: Steven Curtis Chapman

Oh what a precious promise
Oh what a gift of love
An angel told a virgin that
She’s gonna have a son
And though it’s a precious promise
She wonders how can this be
What will the people say
And what if Joseph can’t believe
And her questions and her fears
Are met with an overwhelming joy
That God has chosen her
Oh what a precious promise
Mary waits as heaven comes to her

Oh what a precious promise
Oh what a gift of love
Joseph makes his choice to do
What few men would have done
To take Mary as his bride
When she’s already carrying a child
That isn’t his own
Oh what a precious promise
Mary and the child will have a home

And shepherds stand on a hillside
Their hearts racing with the news the angel told them
A star’s light fills up the dark sky
As a night of precious promise is unfolding

Oh what a precious promise
Oh what a gift of love
The waiting now is over and
The time has finally come
For the God who made this world
To roll back the curtain
And unveil His passion for the heart of man
Oh what a precious promise
Lying in a manger in Bethlehem


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Precious Promise Lyrics- Steven Curtis Chapman

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