Raining On The Inside Lyrics- Amy Grant

Raining On The Inside Lyrics
Amy Grant

When all goodbyes are said and done
And nighttime finds you home
Are you alright to spend a night
Of being all alone
Or do you hide between the lines
Of conversations past
A wall of words, a heart unheard
That hides behind a mask

I’m raining on the inside
My heart wells up with tears that start to pour
I’m raining on the inside
But Your cries of love break through
And I fall in love with You once more

When friends who care can’t be there
To ease away my pain
And peace of mind is hard to find
Like sunlight in the rain
God sees my heart, the deepest part
Inside this lonely me
And reachin’ in, His love begins
To heal the heart in me



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Raining On The Inside Lyrics- Amy Grant

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