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Saint (Blessed) Pedro Calungsod MTV Music Video with Lyrics

Artist: Harry Santos
Music and Lyrics: Percival Cacanindin
Produced by: Power to Unite with Elvira
Directed by: Louie Ignacio
This is a MTV Music Video dedicated to Saint Pedro Calungsod, the second Filipino saint. There’s another video made for him entitled Blessed Pedro Calungsod in YouTube with the same lyrics except the Saint
word is  replaced by Blessed but I think these two songs are the same. To know more about him, visit The Life of Saint Pedro Calungsod.

There was once a lad from the Visayas
Who Left his land in search for graceless souls
He Spread God’s words with lips untiring
He is the servant of the Lord

O Saint (Blessed) Pedro Calungsod
Faithful Child of God
Be to us a guide
Lead us to the light of Jesus Christ
O Saint (Blessed) Pedro Calungsod
Our young inspire in the darkest hour
Look down on us from where you are

Steadfastly you walk where Jesus trod
Never mindful of what’s left behind
We entrust the young to your watchful care
Walk with them and never leave their side

You chose to die with Padre Diego
But your faith in God remains undying
Be to us a true companion
When at the end death closes in

[Repeat Chorus]

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Saint (Blessed) Pedro Calungsod MTV Music Video with Lyrics