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St. Pedro Calungsod

Prayer for Special Intentions to Blessed Pedro Calungsod

My Lord, In your grace,you have shown through yourservant,Beato Pedro Calungsod,the sublime prize of followingyou;Through his martyrdom, youhave shown us that age andrace will not hinder us fromserving and loving you; His youthful fervor indefending the faith earned himthe title to be called Blessed; Thus in confidence,I humbly call unto him to praywith me, and […]

Prayer for the Beatification of the Servant of God (St. Pedro Calungsod)

Lord God,through your Son Jesus Christ,You taught us that there can beno greater love than to lay downone’s life for one’s friends.Your servant, Pedro Calungsod,inspires us by his fidelityin times of adversity,by his courage in teaching the Faithin the midst of hostility,and by his love in shedding his bloodfor the sake of the Gospel.We humbly […]

Prayer To Blessed Pedro Calungsod

Blessed Pedro Calungsod,student, catechist, young migrant,missionary, faithful friend, martyr,you inspire usby your fidelity in times of adversity;by your courage in teaching the faithin the midst of hostility;and by your love in shedding your bloodfor the sake of the Gospel. Make our troubles your own(here mention your request)and intercede for usbefore the throne of Mercy and […]

Saint (Blessed) Pedro Calungsod MTV Music Video with Lyrics

SAINT (BLESSED) PEDRO CALUNGSOD MTV Artist: Harry Santos Music and Lyrics: Percival Cacanindin Produced by: Power to Unite with Elvira Directed by: Louie Ignacio This is a MTV Music Video dedicated to Saint Pedro Calungsod, the second Filipino saint. There’s another video made for him entitled Blessed Pedro Calungsod in YouTube with the same lyrics except […]