Saint Pedro Calungsod Prayer Photo

My Lord,

In your grace,
you have shown through your
Beato Pedro Calungsod,
the sublime prize of following

Through his martyrdom, you
have shown us that age and
race will not hinder us from
serving and loving you;

His youthful fervor in
defending the faith earned him
the title to be called Blessed;

Thus in confidence,
I humbly call unto him to pray
with me, and to intercede for
this urgent favor
(make a request) and that through
his glorious life, I may try
to emulate him, together
with Mother Mary, who
have without reserve said
yes to your will.


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CSL TeamPrayerSt. Pedro CalungsodMy Lord,In your grace,you have shown through yourservant,Beato Pedro Calungsod,the sublime prize of followingyou;Through his martyrdom, youhave shown us that age andrace will not hinder us fromserving and loving you;His youthful fervor indefending the faith earned himthe title to be called Blessed;Thus in confidence,I humbly call unto him to...Christian Lyrics Online!