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So Good Lyrics- The Katinas

In the vibe, in the vibe, in the mighty vibe
Highest science, lofty philosophy, serious integrity, little children beckon to come receive, a simple mystery


So good just to know, my love is so good, it’s available, won’t you take time to get to know, my love is so fine, you can talk to me anytime

Calculating endless iniquities, psycho misery, extraordinay how in a moment’s time, i’ll change your destiny

I’m glad that Jesus is so good
He’s mighty good to me
You need to know that He is so, oh oh oh oh

Hit me one time – Good, Hit me two times – Good, Good, Hit me four times – Good, Good, Good, Good, Hit me many times – Good, Good, Good, Good…

So Good Lyrics- The Katinas