The Human Race Lyrics- Steven Curtis Chapman

The Human Race
By: Steven Curtis Chapman

In a world of winners and losers
Some are used, some are the users
It’s a push and shove race
Of trying to get ahead

In the dust of all the confusion
We make a choice, truth or illusion
Will we listen to lies
Or hear what the Father says

We are running in a human race
Where nobody wants to settle for second place
But we’ve got to run it at a different pace
‘Cause the first will be last
And the last will be first
At the end of the human race

In a day when values are changing
What kind of ground are we really gaining
Who are we trying to serve by going the extra mile
We can’t trade the truth for the fashion
We’ve got to live a life of compassion
And those we touch are the prize
That waits at the finish line


We are running in the human race
We must run it at a different pace
‘Cause we’ll all meet the Father face to face
At the finish line of the human race



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The Human Race Lyrics- Steven Curtis Chapman

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