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Today Lyrics- Blanca

Today Lyrics

You’re wondering if you should go for it
Asking when it’ll be the right time
Questioning if you have what it takes
But He will give you strength

Don’t be held down by your regrets
Don’t let fear steal your every breath
He is with you with every step
So take every chance you get
What are you waiting for

You’ve got today
To forgive, and to live, let the light shine in
To begin, start again
You’ve got today
Turn the page, make a change, love will find a way
Don’t hesitate
You’ve got today

Your every dream is yours for a reason
Nobody else can take your place
It don’t mean a thing if it seems impossible
All things are possible

He makes every day an open door
So try again if you’ve failed before


It’s not too late
‘Cause you’ve got today

We gotta wake up, wake up
And give it all to Him
Let’s come alive again


Today Lyrics- Blanca